A Few Tips for Choosing Shade Sails for a Playground

Shade sails for a playground may be a bit different than those you would choose for your own backyard, as you may need something bigger for a play area or something that provides only temporary shelter which can be closed up easily when it's not quite so warm and sunny outside. When you are ready to choose shade sails for a playground, you might note a few tips to ensure you make the right choice and are happy with your shade sails for years to come.

Temporary shelter

You may not want to choose shade sails that are permanent as children may appreciate the sunshine when it's not too warm for them, but they may need some covering on very hot, sunny days. In those cases, opt for an umbrella style shade sail. This is exactly as it sounds; a large umbrella style sail can be installed over any particular area and you pop it open when needed, and then slide it shut, just like an umbrella, when you want it closed.

These are also good for installation over a garden area or anyplace on the playground or school grounds where you want to control sunlight; the plants grown by the children may need protection from hot midday sun but then also need sunlight during other times of the day. The umbrella style sail lets you control how much sun exposure those plants will get through the day.


A thick and rugged material for the sail itself is good as it won't shred under high winds, but note that it can also then trap heat underneath the sail. This can make it very uncomfortable for active children. A canvas material that is more breathable or that allows more airflow can be a better choice than a nylon material when shopping for a playground shade sail.


If you need posts installed with your shade sails, consider how durable they will be over time. Wood posts will always absorb moisture and fade in the sunlight even if you have them sealed and coated. A homeowner may not mind the work of sanding down the wood and repainting it or filling in cracks and chips with wood putty, but for a school, this might mean more work for your maintenance crew. Steel posts can be a better option, but note if they'll be in direct sunlight during the day. Steel might get too warm when exposed to sun and wood can be a safer option for children in those cases.

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