A True Bathtub Treat: Have You Ever Considered a Sunken Bath?

Bathroom renovations are rarely inexpensive, and yet sometimes you just want to treat yourself. If you're a fan of relaxing in the bathtub, you might want to consider the elegance and beauty of a sunken bathtub. This is when a bathtub is built into the floor at ground level, making it look like a miniature indoor swimming pool. It's aesthetically stunning, but it might not be suitable for all homes. So what are some things you need to think about if you want to give yourself this particular bathtub treat?

Minimalist and Unobtrusive

Remember that a truly sunken bathtub is considered to be a significant construction project. Not all homes are suitable for such a bathtub either, and installation depends on what happens to be under your bathroom floor. The end result is minimalist and unobtrusive, and since the bath is essentially hidden (it's just a recess in the floor when not in use), it can make the bathroom seem larger. You just step down into the tub when you're ready to take a bath and luxuriate to your heart's content.

Preparing Your Floor

If you opt for a sunken bathtub, you will need to think carefully before choosing the actual bathtub. You are essentially removing a section of the floor from your home and replacing it with a bathtub. Depending on the flooring materials used in your bathroom, they might need to be replaced in their entirety if additional strengthening around the edge of the bathtub is required. The contractor will also need to check the strength of the underlying support structure that the bathtub will be placed upon. If this area needs reinforcement, then additional work is needed to strengthen the support structure before the bathtub can be installed. Unfortunately, this might not be known until such time as the flooring is removed to create space for the bathtub. The bathtub itself also needs to have been specially designed to be used as a sunken bathtub, with the necessary strengthening.

If Maintenance Is Needed

If there is available space (which depends on the dimensions of your bathroom), you might request that the contractor builds an access point to the side of the bath. This is essentially a point where a plumber can reach down into a cavity to access the bathtub's pipes; although, such an access point is difficult to install if your sunken bathtub is going to be tucked away into a corner with walls on either side. This allows any pipe repairs to be carried without needing the entire tub to be removed. While sunken bathtubs are not susceptible to pipe problems any more than a traditional bathtub can be, their positioning can make repairs difficult. But still, have a word with your contractor. It's all about future proofing your investment if repairs are ever needed.

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