How to Make Your Storage Unit Organization More Efficient

When you have items in a self-storage unit, you might find that things are difficult to retrieve when you need them. This is often due to a lack of organization. The following tips will help you improve the organization and efficiency of your storage unit so that you can store things and retrieve them with ease.

Store Documents and Papers in a Filing Cabinet

One great way to organize your self-storage unit is by placing some fireproof, metal filing cabinets in the storage unit. This allows you to keep track of all your files and paperwork without just throwing them in boxes. When you need to access tax records during an audit, you aren't going through stacks and stacks of boxes to find what you need. You just open up the filling cabinet to the right drawer and find what you need. With the filing cabinets, you also have the benefit of less pest infestations in boxes and can keep your files dry and free from fire risks.

Place Clothing and Shoes in Stored Furniture

If you are storing furniture and clothing in the storage unit, why not combine them for the organization potential? For example, when you are storing a dresser or armoire in the storage unit, you can leave it standing up and fill the drawers with other items you are storing, such as clothing, shoes, and accessories. This lets you take up less space in the storage unit, make good use of the furniture, and keep everything organized. If you have an event that needs a dress you know you have in the armoire, it is easy to access it instead of going through boxes or garment bags to find what you need.

Provide Better Wall Storage

Many self-storage facilities allow you to install wall storage options that help you hang items and install shelves. Ask them ahead of time if you are able to nail shelves to the walls, as this provides you with a lot more storage and organization potential. You can store smaller bins and boxes on shelves instead of just stacking them in the unit. You might also be able to hang a peg board for your tools, or hang hooks for your bicycle, snowboard, power tools, and fishing equipment.

Use a Colour-Coded Storage Bin System

Not all items can be stored in furniture or on shelves, so you should also have a system for things that are stacked in the storage unit. However, that doesn't mean you can't organize them. If you move all items to storage bins instead of boxes, you can colour code them. This at least lets you know what colour bins to look through. For example, you can keep all your holiday decorations in red bins, your winter clothing in white bins, and your garden supplies and equipment in green bins.

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