A Guide to Painting Your Home's Weatherboards

If you want to make sure that the outside of your home is packed with old world charm, you can't beat panelling the outside of your home with cypress weatherboards. The end result is something far quainter and more charming than a slab of painted concrete. And if you really want to up the charm levels of your cypress weatherboards, you can paint them a pastel colour. This is, however, a little more involved than getting out the paint rollers from the garage. Here is everything you need to know to complete the job to a professional standard.

First, prepare the timber. Preparing your weatherboards simply means that you need to make sure that they all have an even surface so the paint can adhere to the timber and create the slickest finish. This is a job that is essential for weatherboards that have already been painted, as paint can chip and flake off. Sand the paint down so that you are left with a perfectly smooth surface. You may also want to wash the boards with a simple soap and water solution because any dirt will be caught underneath the paint.

Now, prime the weatherboards. Priming is an essential part of weatherboard maintenance, whether you are painting them or not. The only time you can skip this step is if you are going to paint brand new weatherboards that you have bought pre-primed. Use a latex-based primer (which can be bought in any home and garden store) rather than an oil-based primer, which can make outdoor timber brittle. Brush the primer on, which help to protect the wood against rotting and the growth of mildew and fungus. It also serves an important purpose of ensuring that the paint doesn't seep into the wood but stays as a layer on top of the timber.

Next, the painting. Now you actually get to the fun part of painting. When choosing a paint for your home exterior, you can, of course, choose any colour that you desire, but a lighter colour is recommended simply because a lighter shade will absorb less sunlight. This means that the paint on your weatherboard will be less likely to bubble, paint, and chip as a result of sun damage. It's also worth picking a paint that has an element of gloss to it because this will prevent dirt and mildew from sticking to the paint; it will slide off instead.  

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