Give Your Lawn A Closer Shave Using A Grass Trimmer

Yes, you already have a lawn mower that lets you make easy work of your front or back lawn. However, as you may have come to realise, your mower, efficient as it may be, cannot reach certain tight spaces. To get a closer shave and give your lawn the immaculate, uniform look you seek, invest in a small, lightweight grass trimmer. A grass trimmer will help you handle some of the difficult areas on your garden, such as the following:

In between paving blocks

If you have grass growing in between paving blocks, you cannot use your mower over such areas. This is because the paving material may damage the blades of the mower and probably bend them, creating a nasty nuisance for you. Instead, hand held grass trimmers are perfect for such an application. Using a smaller rotary blade, you get to cut close around such tricky areas, keeping the grass level with the paving material, be it concrete slabs or pavers.

Around edges close to other vegetation

Another great area to apply your grass trimmer is around edges adjacent to other forms of vegetation, such as hedges, flowers, plants, etc. A lawn mower is not ideal for such areas due to difficulties navigating. Using a mower, you might end up destroying the edges on your lawn or harming some of the vegetation bordering your grass. However, with a trimmer you are able to get close and only work on the grass while still keeping a decent distance from the other flora.

On elevated areas where mowers can't go

You could also have elevated areas where your mower can't traverse. This can range from small bumpy spots on your garden to strips of retained/elevated ground. Easily fitting in your hand, a trimmer will let you work on these difficult areas, either cutting the grass flat or trimming around the edges to create a smooth round shape to accentuate the terrain.

Areas adjacent to walls

Areas bordering walls are probably the hardest to mow. They are also the best areas to make great use of your grass trimmer. Using a mower, you cannot get as close as you would like because the wheels always retain a thin margin of uncut grass. Also, you run the risk of scraping your mower against the wall. Not to worry though; you can cut these thin margins easily from a distance by aligning the blade of your trimmer either vertically or horizontally.

With a grass trimmer, therefore, no grass blade is left standing. Your entire lawn gets a uniform, professional look every time. You should be able to find this helpful tool at your local garden equipment store. 

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