Outdoor Living | 3 Smart Tips to Protect Patios from Extreme Weather

Australia's love affair with outdoor living is visibly apparent with most homes in the country enjoying a patio. Relaxing in the sun over a barbeque and beers is just the kind of lifestyle you're looking for –– and the patio is the perfect spot. But during extreme weather conditions, patios can suffer from expensive damage –– if you're not careful. Just because you can't control the weather doesn't mean you're completely helpless. Here are some smart tips to protect patios from extreme weather conditions.

Patio Roofs to Protect Furniture

Patio awnings or roofs are smart for protecting your patio furniture from harsh rain, sun and winds. By blocking the weather elements from entering your patio space, you will prevent the furniture from fading and discolouring –– extending their use radically. There are plenty of roofing designs to integrate into your overall patio theme. For example, timber slat ceilings with a polycarbonate roof is perfect for wooden patios –– allowing enough filtered light to come through, while keeping the rain and UV rays out. Polycarbonate curved roofing dramatically enhances the appearance of any home. Polycarbonate is a durable, strong and lightweight thermoplastic material that can endure all types of extreme weather conditions. A metre long polycarbonate awning can cost below $100, making this inexpensive material a good solution for covering patios.

Remove Rust from Metallic Items Instantly

Extreme wet conditions will enhance humidity and moisture in the air –– this will cause the formation of rust on metal items, like furniture, pillars, countertops and railings. Metal items exposed to rain and wind should be monitored regularly for rust so that you can remove it instantly. By checking your patio items and removing rust, you will prevent rust corrosion and dramatically enhance their lifespan. To remove rust, you simply need an acidic cleaning agent like lemon juice or vinegar. Dab it on a soft cloth and apply it to the rusted surface. Keep applying the solution over the rusted stain and let it sit for a few hours. The acidic properties of vinegar and lemon juice will cut through the rust and loosen it from the surface.

Finish Wooden Items with Protective Coatings

All wooden surfaces on patios should be finished with exterior-grade coatings to protect them from moisture and UV rays. Paint tends to block out harsh UV rays better than most clear finishes, so you should ideally employ a good quality exterior primer before finishing with oil-based paint. If you want a natural wood finish, you can use exterior varnish with UV ray blocking features. These coatings will prolong the life of wooden patios by protecting surfaces from mould and moisture.

Patios are fantastic for outdoor living –– follow these tips to protect them from extreme weather conditions.

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