Benefits of Lime Render

Rendering refers to a process by which a material like brick or stone is covered with plaster coat. Options of render include lime renders and cement renders. This article discusses some of the benefits of using a lime render on your building:

Good Workability

Lime render is very workable, that is it remains mouldable and smooth for a very long time. This workability allows the person using it to come up with as many esthetic finishes as desired. For instance, the lime render can be used to create beautiful shapes (such as shapes of different animals) on exterior walls of buildings.

It Allows the Building to Breathe

Lime render is porous. Because of this, it allows moisture to pass through it. Consequently, your building will be less susceptible to condensation problems (such as deterioration of the building materials like clay bricks) since the excess moisture will escape via the pores in the lime render on the walls.

Less Cracking

Lime render is not as rigid as cement render so it can accommodate building movements better without revealing cracks. This is because the lime render absorbs water and moves to cover the cracks that form as the building moves due to factors like swelling of the ground underneath the building. This quality of lime render is referred to as its self-healing ability.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the ecological benefits of lime render is that it can easily be removed from the materials onto which it has been placed so that those materials can be recycled. For instance, it is easier to retrieve bricks for reuse from a wall that was rendered with a lime render. Another ecological benefit of lime is that it absorbs carbon dioxide from its surrounding. That carbonation process makes the lime render much stronger so you will have less carbon dioxide in your vicinity while having a stronger wall coating at the same time.


Lime render is highly alkaline. This high pH makes the surface of the wall hostile to fungus and mold growth. You will therefore have better quality air around your building if you use lime render on the walls.

As you can see, you stand to benefit a lot if you use lime render. However, that render should be applied by an experienced contractor who understands the precautions (such as having a mild acid nearby to deal with any chemical burn during application) necessary when working with this material. The contractor will also know the intervals to take as he or she applies the different layers so that the best results are achieved.

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