Services Offered By A Commercial Office Cleaner

If you're thinking about hiring a commercial office cleaner for the first time, you may not be aware of exactly what they do to spruce up your premises. Cleaning can entail many things, including sanitizing and providing janitorial services that includes emptying out the trash, dusting and disinfecting, so to help you understand the exact nature of the work they do, here are two of the most common services you can expect from a commercial office cleaner:

Carpet Cleaning/Floor Cleaning -- Office cleaners can offer you carpet cleaning and floor cleaning services. The most common type of carpet cleaning is known as steam cleaning or hot water extraction, in which hot pressurised water is mixed with detergent or cleansers to penetrate deeply into the fibres of your carpet.

The hot water is then suctioned back into the cleaning machine, extracting dirt, debris, pollens and stains out of the carpet. The steam itself doesn't clean your carpet, but the hot water creates steam, which is why many people refer to it as steam cleaning.

Office cleaners use a van or truck which has the container tank for the hot-water extraction machine. The larger the machine, the more powerful the extraction.

If you have wood floors, office cleaners use wood buffers to pick up dirt and polish your floor. They can also lay down a new finish if your floor is especially worn down and scuffed. Office cleaners can also wash and wax porcelain, tile and vinyl floors.

Outdoor Window Cleaning -- Although the interior windows of your office are important in terms of keeping your premises looking good, the exterior windows are the first thing people will see as they approach your office, or as they walk by, and keeping those windows clean and gleaming can enhance the visual appeal of your business.

Office cleaners use squeegees that are mounted on telescopic poles that can extend upward for several floors. This means that they don't need to use expensive scaffolds unless your office is located high up in a skyscraper.

Professional window cleaners are trained to remove hard water deposits, stains and dirt from windows. They can also apply window film to help reduce light, glare and UV rays from entering your office. This not only provides shading for your workers, which can help increase productivity, it can also cool down your premises, which may help reduce your utility costs and make your office more energy efficient.

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