Four Attributes of Carpet Pads That You Need to Pay Attention To

Many homeowners hardly pay any attention to the carpet pad (the thick material onto which the carpet is anchored) when they are buying carpets. As a result, they end up with carpets that deteriorate very quickly because they are built on a weak "foundation". This article discusses the key features of carpet pads that you should investigate before you buy the carpet.

Pad Density

Carpet pad density refers to how much fiber is contained in each cubic foot of the pad. The more dense the pad, the more it will last since that density will be able to take the foot traffic on the carpet. Pad density is measured in pounds per cubic metre of pad material. Check the tags on each carpet so that you only buy a carpet that has a dense pad. The pads with the lowest density have a density of less than 1.5 pounds per cubic metre. Buy a carpet whose pad has a density greater than 1.5 and it will last for a long time (for instance, more than a decade) when compared to the low-density pads that will only last a couple of years.

Spill Trap

Today, there are carpet pads that come equipped with a spill trap (a plastic layer between the carpet and pad) so that spills like pet urine are prevented from reaching the carpet pad. This spill trap is very important because carpet pads are very hard to clean, so protecting them from spills is a very good way to ensure they will not develop unpleasant odors from spills that get to them.

Anti-Microbial Treatment

One risk that carpet owners face is the growth of mildew and mould on the lower part of the carpet. Carpet makers have reacted to this possibility by making carpet pads that are treated with an anti-microbial agent. This treatment inhibits the growth of mildew and mould. Carpet pads that have been given this treatment are ideal for basements or attics where moisture presents the greatest risk of mildew or mould development.

Memory Foam

Most carpet pads are made from recycled industrial materials like foam taken from inside car panels. Such foam easily collapses (loses its density) and causes the carpet to wear out very fast since it no longer helps it to cope with the foot traffic on the carpet. The best kind of foam is memory foam (polyurethane that has been treated to increase its viscosity). This foam is inbuilt into the carpet pad so it is much more durable than plain foam pads that are not very viscous so they easily collapse.

A carpet whose pad has the attributes above will be more expensive than one that lacks them, but that extra cost will be more than justified by the longevity and safety (from microbial agents) that you get when you have that carpet. For more information, contact a business such as Kelwin Coastal Carpets.

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