The 3 Different Types Of Mulch That You Can Choose

Are you interested in using mulch on your residential property, but are not sure which one should be used for your requirements? There are many different types of mulch, and some are more suited towards certain applications than others. To get a better idea of which mulch to select read on for some information on 3 different types of mulch.

1. Pebble Mulch

Typically pebble mulch is used for driveways and pathways. They have the advantage over concrete and asphalt of allowing water to be drained very efficiently. Those who live in a climate with heavy rainfall will benefit greatly from this feature.

A downside of pebble mulch is that the pebbles might get dispersed outside their intended area. This can cause the surrounding area to look messy, or even worse, clog up the mechanism of a lawn mower. However, the pebbles can be easily tidied up by using a wide leaf rake.

Furthermore, the pebbles absorb heat from the sun during the day time, and then radiate this heat into the soil during the night. If you live in a cold area, this micro-climate might be a useful feature.

Pumice Rock

This type of mulch is most commonly used for perennial garden beds and flower beds. The number one characteristic that makes this mulch perfect for these applications is the ability to absorb and retain moisture. Almost all other types of mulch are not able to do this. Consequently, during dry weeks the moisture that is retained in the pumice rock will be gradually released into the soil. That means you will save money on your water bills because the sprinklers can be set to operate for a shorter period of time.

Also, it has an attractive red appearance which means it can add a lot of colour and character to a garden. During the summer months, pumice rocks will contribute to a vibrant garden atmosphere that will allow you to enjoy your garden.

Rock Mulch

You can use rocks roughly the sizes of tennis balls as mulch for your flower beds. These have the advantages of preventing soil erosion and are very quick to lay or modify. Also the relatively large size of the rocks means they are able to absorb a lot of heat from the sun. This increases the effectiveness of the micro-climate that it will create. The amount of heat that will be absorbed depends on the size of the rock, colour and quantity.

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