4 Times You Always Want to Call a Professional Locksmith

You may know to call a locksmith if you've ever been locked out of your home, but this type of professional can provide many other services than simply opening your doors for you. A locksmith can help to enhance your home's overall security in a number of ways. Consider a few times and reasons you will always want to call a professional locksmith.

1. After buying a new home

You don't want to spend one night in your new home before calling a locksmith and having him or her replace all the locks on your entryways. The old owners may be trustworthy but what if they loaned the keys to neighbors, other family, or friends? For your family's safety you want to have the locks changed on your home as soon as you've gone through the closing process. Be sure you check and replace the locks not just on the doors but also on windows, door walls, and even the attached garage.

2. After loaning out your keys

You may give a neighbor or friend the keys to your home so they can collect your mail and water your plants while you're away, and it's always good to have the locks changed afterwards. This is because you may trust those neighbors or friends, but that key may have been swiped by one of their friends or family members that isn't so trustworthy. Rather than risk having a break-in, call a locksmith to have your locks changed.

3. After losing your keys for any length of time

Even if you find your keys where you left them, you still don't know who may have gotten those keys and made copies. If you lost your keys along with your identification, chances are they now know where you live and what doors those keys can open. For your own security, have your locks all changed.

4. After a break-in

If you have suffered a break-in, call a locksmith. If the person who broke in didn't use your keys, you may still want to have your locks upgraded as it's obvious that your home is vulnerable. You may have the locksmith add stronger or additional deadbolts to your doors, or check if you need a better lock on the attached garage or on your windows. However the person got into your home, you need to reinforce security in that area and a locksmith such as On The Spot Locksmiths can make suggestions as to a better or stronger lock.

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