3 Surprising And Affordable Ways to Keep Your Home Warm During Winter Months

When it comes to heating your home during winter months, homeowners are often faced with the problem of balancing their need for comfort with their budget because it can be expensive to turn up the thermostat and run the furnace day and night. However, there are some very affordable ways to keep your home warm during winter months, some of which might surprise you. Consider three of those methods here.

1. Radiant or under-floor heating

Radiant heating or under-floor heating refers to coils that are run under the floorboards; these are heated either with electricity or with warm water that runs through them so that the water heats the floor. This type of heating can be cost efficient because heat rises, and so when the floor is warm, the rest of the room can be warmed more easily as well.

The heat from the floor is also not wasted on the air in the room, as happens with a furnace that pushes warm air through vents. Instead, you feel warmer because the heat is closer to you and you absorb it directly through your feet. This can keep you comfortable without seeing your utility bills spike.

For more information on radiant or under-floor heating, contact a business such as P.A.P. Heating Solutions Pty Ltd.

2. Zone thermostats

To conserve energy during winter, you don't want to heat up the whole house. Instead, simply heat up the area you're using. Zone thermostats are the perfect choice, as you can turn down the heat in the bedrooms when you're in the living room during the evening, and then vice versa when you want to move to another room. Rather than blasting heat evenly throughout the home, you're simply keeping one area warm and, in turn, not making your furnace work as hard.

3. Thick curtains and sheer panels

Your windows can be a source of heat loss during wintertime, so using thick curtains, especially for bedrooms, can be a good solution. These curtains will block out any leaks you may have around the windows and will keep in the warmth of the room. During the day when it's very sunny, you want to use the warmth of the sun to heat up your home, so have sheer panels behind the curtains. These will allow in the sunlight while still providing a barrier around the windows.

Keep these three simple tips in mind for warming your home this winter to keep from seeing a tremendous increase in your energy bills.

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