Things to Consider Before Installing an Outdoor Kitchen

At one time, patios used to be limited to paving, flower pots, and disposable barbecues, but now it is possible for patio builders to install a fully functioning kitchen right there on your patio. For people who want to make the most of sunny days and mild evenings, it's a good idea to pay just as much attention to your garden, patio, and other outdoor spaces as to your interiors. Something that is becoming increasingly common is installing an outdoor kitchen in a patio space.

There are obvious advantages to installing an outdoor kitchen. You can create a sociable outdoor space for group gatherings, spend more time outside, and increase the value of your home. However, there are also some things you should keep in mind before you hire patio builders such as Coffs Harbour Blinds & Awnings to complete the work.

Materials for countertops. Kitchen countertops, whether inside or outside, need to be durable, robust, and moisture and stain resistant. When considering outdoor kitchen counters, resistance to moisture is even more important because it is likely that your countertops will be exposed to rain at some point.

Concrete countertops are very rain resistant, but you should keep in mind that the colour of the concrete is likely to fade in the sun. Marble is also a popular option because it ages in a beautiful way outdoors, and is durable enough to last outside for a lifetime.

Outdoor kitchen plan. Depending on the patio space you have, you might need to be clever with the way you plan your outdoor kitchen. For example, if you are concerned that you don't have enough room for an outdoor kitchen table, or that this addition will make the space feel too claustrophobic, it's a great idea to design the space so that your kitchen counter doubles as a functioning dining table.

Appropriate outdoor flooring. For your outdoor kitchen to be a practical place for cooking and also somewhere that looks great, it is imperative to choose the right floor. While many non-porous flooring options such as marble will deflect rain, they can also be very slippery when wet, and so it is important to choose flooring that is robust but also safe. Concrete is a popular choice because it can be purchased with various colours and finishes and is not slippery at all.

Be sure to ask your patio builders what else needs to be decided. This will help ensure that all decisions are met before the crew gets started on the job.

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